All but done
I have to make this entry quick, I’ve run out of time in the day, and need to get to bed for work tomorrow. Anyways.. Above is a picture of my car back on the ground and out of the garage for the first time in a couple months.
Since the car is 5 lug up front now, I have to use the 5 lug rims up there. The problem is, the rubber on those is FAR too big for a lowered Omni. It was fine on my Daytona, but the Omni is much smaller. See the picture below..
All but done
Sunday, March 25, 2007
They rub even in a straight line. It’s a real problem. I’ll order up some new 205/40-16’s for the rims on TireRack next time I have the money for it. These tires are 225/50’s...
Before I could drive the car, I had to finish my manual transmission conversion. Out with the steering column so I could get the pedal cluster changed out. I put the shifter in Saturday evening. I’m not real happy with the cable routing, but it does the job for now. I may go back and revise it later on.
Try not to laugh too hard at my air filter contraption. I had to come up with SOMETHING before I could drive the car. I had this cheapo cone that I picked up at the junkyard for $1.50 the day I spotted this engine there. I rigged up a little 90 degree that also stepped up the size a bit to the 3” the filter needed. It gets the job done. The white T you might see in the PCV vacuum line right behind the hood latch is the vacuum feed to the brake booster.
Anyways, once this was all done I took a stab at driving it.. Amazingly, it drives GREAT! I have no complaints with the drivability at all. I drove it around the block, and then to the gas station at the far end of the neighborhood to get some fresh gas into the nearly empty tank. The only thing I’ve changed in the tune so far was to lean the engine out below 30kpa at everything over 1500rpm. It was pegging the wideband rich when I’d get off the gas. Now it pegs it lean. Much better on gas mileage that way!
How about a video? Nothing spectacular, me backing out of the driveway (and realizing at the last second I wanted to drive off in the other direction..) and then me returning from my trip around the block, driving by and coming right back. If you know what you’re listening for, you can hear the tires rubbing really bad. Can’t wait to fix that. The weather really cooperated nicely today, it was pouring down rain like no other on Saturday. Guess I lucked out on that one.