Now it’s muffled
So I put my crazed welding skills to use again today. First I used my Sawzall to cut both pipes to meet up in pretty much the same place. I ended up with about a 3/4” gap between the new downpipe, and the rest of the old exhaust system. This is about what I wanted, since both pipes were the exact same size. I had a bit of smaller pipe that fit relatively tightly inside them. So I cut about a 3” length of that and fit it into each pipe. Then it was simply a matter of welding all the way around both pipes. I did not get the top half inch or so of the top of each pipe. I’ll probably have to take the car to a muffler shop and have a professional take care of that last little bit after the car is up and on the road.
Now it’s muffled
Thursday, March 15, 2007
This would be the EGR port on the back of the head. It gets quite loud when you have the exhaust system hooked up. Kind of makes a strange popping sound. Seems to only feed from cylinder 4, so you only hear it every 8th revolution of the engine. I had meant to find some way of capping this, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. So today I started working on it.
I dug around in my shed trying to find something that would do the job. I found a nice strip of aluminum, about 1/16” thick. I used tin snips to cut it down to the size I wanted. And I drilled holes for the bolts that would hold it on.
Obviously just tossing that onto the head would not do the job, it’d leak. So I grabbed an old exhaust gasket from a 2.2/2.5 engine. Couple snips with the tin snips and I had myself a decent enough gasket. It covers the EGR hole well enough to seal it up.
Here is the EGR plate installed. No more exhaust leak up in the engine bay. The car is tremendously quieter now with the exhaust. And it sounds pretty good out back out the exhaust pipe.
I made another video today. I got my wife to run the camera while I started the car and then she went to the back of the car while I revved it a couple times. Have a look here.