Kind of Exhausted
This really covers what went on on Monday. I didn’t have time to sit down and process the pictures and update my blog after working on the car yesterday. Not that I spent alot of time on the car, it’s just between the time I get home from work, and the time I need to get to bed, I really don’t have much to work with.
First of all, a friend of mine came over with his mig welder and worked some magic with the bobble strut bracket on the k-member. It’s now well attached.
Kind of Exhausted
Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Short of tearing off the sheet metal it’s welded to, I don’t think it’s going anywhere this time. The engine stays nice and still when it’s running now. And now that the engine is held at the angle I want it to be at, I was able to install the exhaust manifold and the 2 foot chunk of pipe I welded to it. As you can see from the first picture, I simply shoved the stock downpipe off to the side for the time being. I have a sawzall and plan to cut both pipes somewhere under the car where it’ll be easiest to weld them together.  
I fired up the car with the manifold and 2 feet of pipe on it to hear how different it sounded.. WOW.. It wasn’t very loud straight out of the head compared to this! It’s insane now, a much lower frequency. I came in the house after running it up to 3 grand real quick, my wife was like “What did you change? Don’t do it again, pictures were falling off the walls!” haha.. So I think I’ll be trying to weld that exhaust together this weekend.
More to come...