Now we’re charging
Kind of hard to make much out in the above picture. It shows the alternator wired up. I used 4 gauge car stereo cable that I had laying around the garage. Nice big 4gauge ground from the pivot bolt to the fender near the horn. And a good hefty 4gauge from the charging lug through a fuse to the battery. I mounted the regulator on the fender right behind the battery. It seemed to make more sense to put it there than back on the passenger firewall like the factory would have done. I put a fuse inline just in case something comes in contact with the lug at the alternator, rather than have a crazy hot 4 gauge wire ready to cut through everything in it’s path, the fuse will quickly pop to prevent damage.
It’s very important that the case of the voltage regulator sees a good ground, so I ground off the paint around each of the 3 bolts that hold it to the fenderwell. I monitored the voltage with Megasquirt while the car was running, rock solid 14.2volts at all RPM’s.
As for the pigtail I needed for the voltage regulator, I ended up finding it at Napa, the part number is ECHVRC38 for anyone that might want to go this same route. And the ’99 Stratus alternator works just fine being controlled with this 70’s era piece of technology.
Now we’re charging
Sunday, March 11, 2007
I was finally able to get the correct assortment of parts to install the oil pressure senders. The hose runs to my aftermarket oil pressure gauge in the dash. The other sender is for the dummy light in the dash. Not a whole lot of room to work with back there, it’s pretty close to a couple bosses on the block, not to mention the starter.
Ahh, more crazed welding skills. I bought a short piece of exhaust pipe while I was at the parts store. The manifold I had only had about 1/2” of exhaust pipe left on it, the junkyard had cut the exhaust off from there on back to recycle the catalytic converters. So I busted out the welder and the rods and made a stab at welding this thing. I think I pulled it off. I just need to get the engine oriented in it’s final orientation, and I’ll be able to attach this to the rest of the car’s exhaust.