MegaSquirt Assembly Guides

These are two powerpoint guides I made for myself when I was assembling 2-3 MegaSquirt units per week. These guides are meant for Neon or TurboDodge MegaSquirt II units. This guide will NOT work with MegaSquirt 1, as it leaves the clock circuit out. It needs to be left out for the MS2 sequential mode. This guide will work with the MS3, but I suggest the "standard" instructions. I made them for myself, they go through all of the components of each type before moving on to the next, between doing that and the great big arrows on the screen, I found it saved me a ton of time over the traditional instructions, which have you assemble each circuit, one at a time. The circuit by circuit method is good for a beginner, as it lets you confirm you assembled the previous circuit correctly before moving on to the next. For someone who knows how to solder and just wants to get it done, this guide is great. It also includes the mods for the Neon tach input circuit*, and the dual coil outputs.

* - Worth noting, the Neon tach input circuit is deprecated. There are now extremely simple instructions on using the standard VR circuit, with NO custom mods, with the Neon. 

I created two guides. One for using the onboard injector drive circuits. That's the "standard" instructions. The other guide leaves them out so that you can use a Peak & Hold board with the MS2 CPU. This is handy because it allows you to do 4 cylinder sequential with an MS2.

Standard Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions without Injector drivers (P&H/Sequential)

These are PowerPoint presentations. You can view them with OpenOffice, or whatever it's calling itself this week, but it doesn't display properly. You can download a free PowerPoint viewer from Microsoft here.

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