How-To: Socket a SMEC/SBEC

Written by: Brian Schulteis aka "Una"

(c) Copyright 2006

Obviously, the first step is to take the TORX driver and remove all the screws around the perimeter. Your SMEC or SBEC may look slightly different than this one, the shape of the case varies depending on which vehicle it came from. The boards are interchangeable between cases.

Once you pop the top off, you'll see the power board, if this is a SMEC. This board just lifts out, it may be stuck fairly well to the board below it, just give it a good tug, it will come out without damaging anything.

When you get it out, look for a chip like this. Should be down in the corner. The shiny label gives it away. It is your EPROM. This one says 139, one of the 2.5L T1 automatic calibrations. Most stock calibrations are known by their 3 digit number, which comes from the end of the part number for the SMEC/SBEC. Now that we've identified the EPROM, we need to remove the logic board (or single board on a SBEC, same procedure) from the case.

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