How-To: Socket a SMEC/SBEC

Written by: Brian Schulteis aka "Una"

(c) Copyright 2006

This is where the pocket or utility knife comes in handy. Just run it around the edge of the board, you want to cut it loose from the walls of the case. I find a pocket knife is better at this than a utility knife.

This little piece of the "rubber" is useless, cut it off and toss it.

Fish your fingers gently under that end of the board, and give it a gentle tug upward out of the case. You may also need to pull up on the big 60pin connector at the same time. Don't worry about snapping the board. I've tried to break one on purpose. Turns out it's VERY flexible and won't snap. It should come out relatively easily though.

You can now set the empty case aside for later re-assembly.

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