How-To: Socket a SMEC/SBEC

Written by: Brian Schulteis aka "Una"

(c) Copyright 2006

This is the back of the board you just removed. I brightened the area around the back of the EPROM. Your going to cut out the rubber in that square to get access to the solder joints.

This is where a utility knife is better than a pocket knife, but as you can see, a pocket knife will do. You want to be VERY careful here. You DO NOT want to cut all the way down to the circuit board! Try to cut about halfway down, leave plenty of margin for error. If you run into the circuitry, you will most likely cut a trace or two. VERY hard to repair, and I'm not going to cover that in this article. You can use the sharpened end of your toothbrush to cut the rest of the way down, it will not damage the circuit board.

VERY IMPORTANT: See the little device in the above left picture? And see the above right picture? You must be VERY careful not to damage/remove this device. It's a thermistor. It lets the computer know what the ambient air temperature is, so that it can choose an optimal charging voltage for the battery. There are 3 problems in the picture above: 1, the rubber was cleared all the way to the edge of the board. That makes it hard to waterproof the board when your done. Two, which was possibly caused by the first one, is that the thermistor was damaged/removed while clearing the rubber off the board. and finally, and really the biggest problem here is the pins from the chip were cut flush with the BOARD rather than the CHIP.. There's nothing to grab onto to pull them out of the board anymore, just makes things alot harder than they need to be. None of these problems are life threatening to the board. Even the missing thermistor isn't a big deal, the computer will default to a fail safe charging voltage, nothing wrong with doing that, but it will set an error code.

Now that you have been warned, you may repeat the cutting process on this side of the board. Just make sure you don't cut that thermistor off while your doing this.

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